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Wed, 1 Oct 1997 20:24:18 +0100 (BST)

Greetings Luis et al.,

I would like to identify myself as someone who is experimenting with=20
QSR-NUD.IST. I am using it to develop a definitional model of
psychological counselling. I know you know this from my paper at Seattle,
but just wanted to join the chat. =20

I am particularly interested in hearing from others who are working at
ways of demonstrating the validity of models produced by such procedures.

Being a die hard Kellian it was a challenging leap for me to leave behind
the opposite pole in the textual-analytic process.

Looking forward to hearing from others


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> Subject: Grounded Theory Methodology & PCP
> Hi there,Me and my research group here at Ramon Llull University=20
> (Barcelona) are using Grounded Theory Methodology (as implemented in the=
> computer program QSR-NUD=B7IST) to analyze self-narratives from a=20
> constructivist point of view (those of you who were at Seattle may know o=
ur work).=20
> I wonder if there's anyone in the mailbase sharing this interest or a=20
> similar one.Best wishes.Luis Botella, Ph.D.Department of=20
> PsychologyRamon Llull UniversityCister=20
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