Grounded Theory Methodology & PCP
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 04:45:41

Hi Malcolm, Nice to hear from you. Yes, I remember your presentation
at Seattle and your creative use of Grounded Theory Methodology to
analize focused group discussions. My main concern with the validity of GTM
is that, when it comes to the hypothesis testing stage of the NUD·IST
program, you seem to get from it exactly what you've previously put into
it--only in a more sophisticated way, of course. Anyway, I guess the same
could be said of any qualitative method based on hermeneutics. I'm also
wondering what will be the best way to prove that the method have some
external validity, I mean, that the final result is not altogether a
product of the analyst's subjectivity. Any ideas? Luis Botella On Thu. 2nd
October 1997 wrote >Greetings Luis et al.,
>I would like to identify myself as someone who is experimenting with
>QSR-NUD.IST. I am using it to develop a definitional model of
>psychological counselling. I know you know this from my paper at
>but just wanted to join the chat.
>I am particularly interested in hearing from others who are working
>ways of demonstrating the validity of models produced by such
>Being a die hard Kellian it was a challenging leap for me to leave
>the opposite pole in the textual-analytic process.
>Looking forward to hearing from others. malcolm Luis Botella,
Ph.D. Department of Psychology Ramon Llull University Cister
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