1998 Australasian PCP conference

Bob Green (bgreen@dyson.brisnet.org.au)
Sun, 5 Oct 1997 21:25:48 +1000

The 1998 Australasian PCP conference looks like being held in Brisbane
(Australia) from July 5-7.

In the interim while Barbara Tooth (conference convenor) is getting online,
I have been handling some of the online communication. I would be most
interested to obtain e-mail addresses/mail addresses for persons who
distribute PCP or other newsletters, who would be willing to put in some
publicity for the conference.

At this stage we have not sorted out a keynote speaker(s). Beverly Walker
made an interesting suggestion, which I am following up, namely to call for
persons interested in being a keynote speaker or part of a symposium of
speakers. We are considering PCP and non-PCP speakers, as well as
Australasian and non-Australasian speakers. If interested drop me a line.

Soon we will be putting out an initial call for papers and other forms of

Anyone interested in being involved in organising the conference is more
than welcome.


Bob Green