Grounded Theory Methodology
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 02:17:00

** In reply to request to say more about Grounded Theory Methodology
and QSR-NUD·IST Dr Stephen Tagg writes; Grounded Theory, I am told by
our resident expert Andy Lowe, requires emergent methodology. This means a
flat first pass of the data. QSR NUDIST can only manage this with
difficulty. Most of it's examples involve a pre-existing hierarchical coding
system being applied to texts. This is the basis for my claim that it is
not designed for grounded theory methodology. ** Dear Stephen, what
about a firts paper-and-pencil pass on the data as a basis for the
hierarchical coding system before entering anything into the computer? That's
what we're doing here in Barcelona and we're quite satisfied with the
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