Grounded Theory Methodology
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 05:38:06

** Dr S Tagg <> writes: Perhaps using
qualitative data research mainly for representational
purposes makes sense in your application. I can think of no other
why you would do all the hard work with paper and pencil on the data
(or do you develop the hierarchy with a subset) then to do it again with
How amenable do you find NUDIST to changing your hierarchy once it's
Can you do maps of relationships between codes as Atlas/ti seems to
offer? Dear Stephen, What we do is to develop the hierarchy based on a
paper-and-pencil approach to the text (without coding the units of
analysis initially) and then we enter the hierarchy in the NUDIST program. We
then code the text with the help of the program on-line editor. You
could also do this with NUDIST (version 4), since the program allows you to
enter "free-nodes" without hierarchical structure (and to specify the
hierarchy afterwards), but we find it easier to do it with a whole sheet
of paper in front of us, since restrictions in the dimensions of the
computer screen make it impossible to have a visual impression of the whole
hierarchy. We are not using NUDIST for representational purposes
chiefly, but to test hypothesis using the boolean logic connectors implemented
in the "index search" option. Unfortunately, I do not know enough of
Atlas/ti as to answer your question. Anyway, we find it relatively easy to
change the hierarchy with NUDIST. Luis Botella, Ph.D. Department of
Psychology Ramon Llull University Cister 24-34
08022-Barcelona Spain Phone: 3-253 30 00 Fax:3-253-30 31 E-mail:

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