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Dear Kathy,

can you divide your sample into two subgroups and reduce your data to one
critical variable? Then you can try to reduce the problem of low power by
using a sequential test. (As far as I know there are no multivariate
sequential tests.)

There are a lot of possible reference. If you don't like articles with a
lot of mathematics try the following:

Armitage, P. (1975). Sequential Medical Trials. (2. ed). Oxford: Blackwell.

Wald, A. (1966). Sequential Analysis. (8. ed). New York: Wiley.

Volkhard salutat!

Macintosh Myth #2. MACS AREN'T PC COMPATIBLE The truth is, Macs are
the most PC compatible computers on earth. In fact, Mac users can pop
an IBM-formatted disk into their floppy drive, read it, write to it,
save files in PC formats, and even format a floppy disk in IBM format
right from their Mac. This feature is built-in on Macs. Do PCs come
with this same "compatibility?" Hell no! They couldn't mount a Mac
disk with a saddle. What about PC apps? Mac users can run Windows or
Windows 95 applications on their Macs using SoftWindows software from
Insignia Solutions. You can even buy a Mac with an actual PC-board
built right into the machine, so you can have both a Mac and a
full-blown PC together in one box.

The reality is: Macintosh is the only computer than can run
Macintosh, DOS, and Windows applications on the same machine.

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