clinical vs statistical validity

Rob Adelman (
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 19:35:32 -0500

Dear All,

Bob Green suggested I turn this subject over to the group to get some more
perspectives. Please read on and respond as you wish.

"Well, the old committee keeps me turning in circles...
Can you fill me in, or refer me to publications or people, dealing with the
acceptable standards for the statistical testing of differences between
grids. That is; while we may interpret the grid changes (taken from two
administrations of the grid to the same person at different points in time)
from a clinical perspective, how can we be certain of the validity of our
interpretation, and how do we determine which changes are statistically and
clinically significant. I have a committee member trained in traditional
statistical theory who is having difficulty seeing the science in
constructivism. Any thoughts?"


Rob Adelman
Texas A&M-Commerce