Re: suggestions for software?

Jim Legg (
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 20:57:09 +1300

Download the freeware Ingrid96 from my homepage. It can handle large data
files. You will have to import the data into a presaved format as the
internal entry routines can only handle a 20x20 grid. It's only a DOS
program and I haven't yet broken the 640k limit but I think the current
version can handle hundreds of rows and/or columns.

You need the tutorial from my page and some practice in getting your import

Jim Legg

Dear anyone,

I am doing a piece of research for my MSC dissertation on the uses of Rep
Grid technique and am looking back through abstracts over several years. I
am principally interested in whether the grid has been used for research
purposes or for the benefit of clients.

I have a grid of data consisting of 137 elements and 5 constructs rated on
a scale of 0-3. I have analysed and clustered it by hand but am wondering
if there is a program which could cope with that number of elements which I
could use to validate my analysis?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks.

Janie Ager