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Dear Listers

I am delighted to announce the forthcoming January 1998 issue of Journal
of Analytical Psychology, Volume 43, issue 1. The Journal of
Analytical Psychology is the foremost Jungian publication in English.
Commissioned by the Society of Analytical Psychology in London, the
editorial board includes leading analysts from the UK and the USA, in
collaboration with Jungian analysts from around the world. Clinical and
theoretical articles, book and journal reviews, and a lively
correspondence section reflect international developments and
controversies in analytical psychology and Jungian thinking.

The Journal of Analytical Psychology is renowned for its exploration of
relationship between analytical psychology and psychoanalysis. It also
addresses issues on the leading edge of philosophy, science, religion,
and the understanding of the arts. The articles demonstrate the
continuing relevance and vitality of Jungian thought.

Forthcoming Articles include:
* D. Kalsched - Archetypal defenses in the clinical situation: a
* M. Sidoli - Hearing the roar
* J. Grotstein - The numinous and immanent nature of the psychoanalytic
* T. Kirsch - Family matters - The descendents of Freud and Jung
* P. Grosskurth - Psychoanalysis: a dysfunctional family?
* S. Shamdasani - Jung without Freud
* C. Douglas - Hexagram 4 of the I Ching: analytical psychology and
Jung's developmental process

If you would like any further information regarding the Journal of
Analytical Psychology, including article abstracts and contributor
information, please log on to:

Please quote reference number O7BB887 with any enquiries, which I will
be happy to assist with.


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