Student's constructs

Lluis Botella Garcia del Cid (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 09:59:29 +0100


I sent a message in Spanish yesterday as a response to Luis Sainz de
Murieta via the mailbase. Sorry if it was not understandable. It was not
meant to be cryptic!

Anyway, English translation follows:

My research group on Constructivism and myself presented a paper at the
XIIth Intnl. Congress on PCP in which we elaborated a mathematical
method for the assessment of cognitive complexity via Grids (that is
what "Rejilla" means, Mike). The example we used was precisely from a
psychology student, and we used renowned psychologists as elements. Now
we keep on working along these lines, and we use grids with
psychotherapy techniques as elements (...)

The message was adressed particularly to Luis Sainz de Murieta but, of
course, if there's anyone else interested in our work, I'll be delighted
to share it.

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