RE: chronic/terminal illness

Linda Viney (
26 Nov 1997 15:44:15 +1000

Laura, i have done recent rseearch in this areas using PCP. I can give you
more details if you email me back. Linda Viney.
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Subject: Re: chronic/terminal illness
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Subject: Re: chronic/terminal illness
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Dr. Guillem Feixas made the following request:

<Dear friends and colleagues,

<One of my students is working on the area of chronic/terminal illness
<and we are interested in studies on this subject carried out from a
<PCP/constructivist perspective.

<We'll appreciate your cooperation in providing info and references.

I am a clinical psychology grad student with an interest in chronic/terminal
illness/death and dying, and would also be interested in this information.

Laura Holcomb
University of Tennessee, Knoxville