Re: Help - Anybody in Edinburgh

Grant Jeffrey (
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 15:40:09 +0000

> Does anybody use RepGrid II for PCP analysis. Can that person help
> with a project. Does that person live in Edinburgh or the central
> belt. Fee will be paid. Please contact me by email or tel 0131 455
> 6252
> Ian Yeoman
> Napier University Business School

Hi Ian,

I am currently lecturing in the Faculty of Education at Strathclyde
University, but from January will be starting a part-time contract at
Napier University in Psychology and Sociology.

I have been involved in developing PCP approaches to guidance interviews
and have conducted a small research project for my MSc looking at possible
applications of PCP to investigate 'vocational maturity'. So I have some
experience of grid analysis but not specifically RepGrid II.

I have been taking on various teaching contracts to make up the rest of my
time and hope to do my own PCP related research - but it might be possible
for me to help out in some way once I start at Napier in January, I'm still
not clear how much free time I will have.

Anyway, I thought it was worth making contact, if I don't hear from you,
best of luck with the project.

Grant Jeffrey

Wrk - from Jan -
tel 0141 950 3326 - 0131 455 2381