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Aaron Pun (
Mon, 15 Dec 97 11:55:00 EST

I am sure Devi is one of the best person you can work with. He has
given me some good ideas and I enjoyed the communication with him when
I used RepGrid for PCP analysis for my research in the perception of
cross cultural differences in organization behaviour: a study of the
Chinese working in Canada. I am not sure Devi still remembers me but
it is important that I appreciate his ideas.

I think that the data we get may overwhelm us. There are two ways to
go about sorting them out. First, by being rational is having all our
questions in mind and try to have the answers from the data. The
second way which I like is allowing the data to tell me what that
means. The pattern, the clusters and.... will give you some important
indicators for more detail study.

This is normal to feel not knowing what to do in the first place
particularly when we have not been very clear in the first place on
what to examine. This is particularly so for qualitative studies.

These are my initial response and I hope I can help more when my work
quiet down a bit. Do post your questions and see what we can do with
that. There are more experts (not me) around who are are very helpful.

Aaron Pun

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Subject: Re: Help - Anybody in Edinburgh
Author: at MTMETM04
Date: 12/13/97 1:36 AM

Ian Yoeman wrote

>> Does anybody use RepGrid II for PCP analysis. Can that person help
>> with a project. Does that person live in Edinburgh or the central
>> belt. Fee will be paid. Please contact me by email or tel 0131 455
>> 6252

Ian: I don't live in Edinburgh, alas, but do have experience with
Please let me know if I can help. Forget the fees, dammit! (Er, well...
Unless you
require _substantial_ help, that is!)

Kindest regards,

Devi Jankowicz