Meaning as Embodied

Karen Vickie Lee (
Sun, 25 Jan 1998 09:36:50 -0800

Greetings -

I am interested in finding practical ways at looking at how personal
meaning is embodied in action. My research involves understanding the
tensions involved with musicians becoming music educators. I plan to use
the repertory grid and would like to explore the Alexander Technique. I
was wondering if someone could suggest some literature on the Alexander

Thanks. Any information would be appreciated.

Karen V. Lee
The University of BC
>Greetings to all,

> I have been on the list for a few months and thought I had better
>say my official hello. Though I live in Seattle, I recently received my
>PhD in Human Learning from Brunel University in the UK. My primary interest
>has been in using John Dewey as a philosophical link between PCP and the
>psycho-physical work of FM Alexander, in order to find practical ways of
>looking at how dimensions of personal meaning are embodied in personal
>action. From this perspective, physical or behavioral habits and fixed
>constructions are seen as facets of the same phenomenon-which is why we so
>often find it difficult to reconstrue matters when we are limited to the
>constructs for which we can find "convenient word handles." But where we
>cannot articulate our meaning (in the conceptual sense) it is already
>articulated (in the movement sense). I have been using the Alexander Technique
>to explore ways of conversing in the dimensions of that larger sense of
>articulation as an entry into a deeper reconstruing of embodied meaning.
> I would be grateful to hear from anyone interested in these matters.
>David M Mills