Re: Who controls explanations of unwanted behaviors.

Mancuso, James C. (
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 22:22:05 -0500

In reponse to what
Chad Hagans wrote: (see below):
You raise some fine questions, Chad. Great.
Let's see how we can answer them using psychological formulations. Go to
it. Great.
Let'f get up a research program without committing ourselves to preordained
diagnostic formulations by having our research funded by "health" agencies,
I'm with you.

Jim Mancuso

> PCP People:
> I picked up on this thread late. I was just wondering how we would
> classify ego-syntonic problems as unwanted behaviors. The antisocial
> personality disordered individual, for example, may not exhibit ANY
> subjectively unwanted behaviors, yet his or her behaviors are probably
> unwanted by most other people. By the same token, psychotic delusions are
> probably not unwanted, nor is the worry associated with generalized anxiety
> disorder or the mania of cyclothymia. These symptoms are nevertheless
> considered abnormal if one uses maladaptivity as a criterion. Whadday'all
> think?
> Chad Hagans

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