Re: Monistic Perspective...

Greg Bail (
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 21:28:10 -0700

Jim Mancuso wrote....
> How can I disagree with you???
> Yes, we need to define ourselves, as psychoogists. I do not intend to =
>that by "bashing DSM." I said, several time, I invite the biology departme=
>to take over the teaching of the DSM approach. They "have more power" than=
>the psychology departments. I am doing DSM afficianados a favor, aren't I?=
> Let's get on with the business of DEFINING OURSELVES. We should give u=
>trying to define ourselves by attaching our constructios to diagnostic
>narrative formulations.
Thanks, and wouldn=B9t be nice if clinicians spent less time memorizing list=
of symptoms and more time learnining the_art_of therapy? I couldn=B9t agree
with you more, but don=B9t all the biologists spend as much time railing
against us =B3soft scientists=B2 to provr how =B3hard=B2 they are? I couldn=
agree with you more. Thanks to insurance companies, the DSM is become like
a necessary second language. Pretty soon, it may be pervasive...?
Cheers, Greg

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