Re: An urgent request

Chad Hagans (
Sat, 04 Apr 1998 09:04:40 -0500


If you're looking for a norm for cognitive complexity measured in other
ways (i.e., functionally independent constructs), I think my research may
be of help. I don't have any data that suggest norms for the number of
constructs elicited, however.

Chad Hagans
University of Florida

>Kathleen Molloy wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> Crocket (1965) uses the total number of constructs elicited by an
>> to be a measure of cognitive complexity. I was wondering if anyone knew
>> norms for the number of constructs elicited in grid measures?
>> I'm hoping for an urgent reply!
>> Thanks
>> Kathy
>> Kathleen Molloy
>> University of Luton