Re: Kelly and Schizophrenia

Bob Green (
Sun, 5 Apr 1998 07:30:46 +1000

Hello Rob,

I have read the section you mention. I have also come across a number of
papers which make reference to schizophrenia/schizoid thinking (though I am
interested in others). The one's I have come across are:

A Psychology of the Optimal Man
Mans Construction of his Alternatives
The Role of Classification in Personality Theory
The Strategy of Psychological Research



>You may already have this covered, but Kelly comments fairly extensively
>about schizophrenics in the context of loose system structure in Disorders
>of Construction
>in Vol. 2 (1955).
>Rob Adelman
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>> Subject: Kelly and Schizophrenia
>> Date: Wednesday, April 01, 1998 6:18 AM
>> Can anyone point me to comments by Kelly on schizophrenia. In his 1955
>> volume there are references to paranoid and schizoid thinking and in a
>> paper on Classification in personality theory, he makes a few comments.
>> Other leads would be appreciated.
>> Regards,
>> Bob