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Travis Gee (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 13:23:25 -0400 (EDT)

Indiana sez:
> Help,
> Does anyone know how to turn off all these messages that I keep
> receiving, they are blocking my mail folder and I cannot get to all
> my messages. I would appreciate any advice given.
You'll have to clarify what you mean by "all these messages"! If
you just want to sign off of pcp, you should be able to click on this
(which appears in the headers of pcp messages when you set your
reader to show "all headers" or "full headers":

X-List-Unsubscribe: <>

If you can't click on it, send a note to with
the line

leave pcp

as the only command in the body.

If you're talking about having a mailbox clogged with spam, check out and

Re: help with "shutting them off," you're best to ask your ISP or
computer centre (at a Univ.) about your particular version of
the browser/mailreader software that you're using, since local
configuration issues require more detailed knowledge of your
personal situation than this list can provide.

If you've never heard of personal construct psychology & are
getting loads of stuff from this list and others, then someone
has a grudge & is signing you up for stuff to have precisely this
effect on your mailbox, & you *really* need to have a chat with
your provider...and their security department. Save messages
with full headers. If this is the case, you'll *need* them.


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