WebGrid-II Update

Brian Gaines (gaines@cpsc.ucalgary.ca)
Sun, 3 May 1998 11:24:31 -0700

WebGrid-II has now replaced WebGrid-I on our primary server:-


Grids saved from WebGrid-I will continue to work with WebGrid-II and will
be automatically updated (if multimedia annotations have been used, they
will need slight updates which can be done in WebGrid-II).

The second server:-


will continue to be used for experimental releases.

The released versions of WebGrid-II on both servers have a new caching
feature that supports experimenters undertaking distributed grid studies. A
grid may now be cached in a directory and the URL made available to others
for exchange and comparison purposes. The grids of those undertaking
exchanges and comparisons are automatically stored in the same directory,
thus enabling data collection without any specific action on the client's
part. The experimenter can access this directory through WebGrid to collect
and analyze the data.

Brian and Mildred