Re: IBM compatible

Robert Wright (
Wed, 06 May 1998 16:51:45 +0800

Hi Ketrin,

You could refer to Drs. Geoffery Blower and Karen O'connor's Book on
Personal Construct Psychology in the Clinical Context. They have a pretty
good section on what computer packages are available for Grid analysis.

There is also a literature review on all the various softwares available for
Grid work (perhaps a litte dated though - 1990?), but if I find it at home
tonight, I'll email you the reference).

You could try the software by Prof. Valeri Stewart on the Grid (I think it's
for IBM) it's called EnquireWithin - you can read about it on the Internet!

Hope this helps
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Hong Kong University



>Hi! I was hoping someone could help me with the following. For my
>dissertation, I need to examine 100 grids using a FOCUSed grid program.
>Since I have a PC, I would prefer an IBM compatible FOCUSed grid program.
>Does such a program exist? If so, how would I go about purchasing it?
>Any help will be sincerely appreciated.
>Ketrin Saud