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Jim Legg (
Wed, 06 May 1998 21:13:25 +1200

Could someone explain to me what is a FOCUSed grid program and how it differs
from INGRID96, please.

INGRID97 was never released but now includes multi-media extensions and still
runs in DOS. INGRID97 attempts to merge grids as a disparate Self Organizing
Map. INGRID96 utilized the CONSENSUS method of establishing what one might
call a FOCUSed grid but they all had to be of the same features.

For a sample of INGRID97 multi-media extensions send URL:

to Jim Legg and double click "SAVE"

I'm looking for beta testers for precisely what was added to INGRID97.1,
which was:

Internal entry of larger than 20x20 grids (now to system limit) in INGRID96.1
- CLUMSY but works.

IF THE GRID NAME IS "mapthis.txt", a plot is done and HTML linking the
terms to Infoseek is written to the text file which coincides with the
plot. You
can then put this and a screen capture into a template. The version that
this is in Quickbasic 4.5 still in beta so contact me if you want to get
a copy to
try or click here for the zip file.

<Win95 - choose START> PROGRAMS> MS-DOS and then resize the MS-DOS
screen to 8x16 (font)

I chose this size screen when I coded the automatic mapping routines
into Ingrid96.2 so that the ImageGrid would minimally fit on a 800x600
screen. To make your own automatic mapping to the Internet you need to
capture the final plot screen to an image file. Later from the main
menu after the grid has been plotted you can save (use function F4) the
file using a special name called "mapthis.txt" (all lowercase) and
then, complete Infoseek search engine links will be created and stored
there. By editing a cloned, original regenera.htm, file you can replace
the image and the existing search links with those from the mapthis.txt
file and publish the results. So, each label will take a user to the
net. I included the label in the search string so that you can create
cascading Ingrid plots. Things will happen later, providing you
register your resultant URL with the search engine.

Subroutines CONSENS and DELTA will only be developed from Ingrid96.2 and have
been removed temporarily from INGRID97.1 which when tested will be INGRID98
complete with source code.

Thank you.

Jim Legg
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> Hi! I was hoping someone could help me with the following. For my
> dissertation, I need to examine 100 grids using a FOCUSed grid program.
> Since I have a PC, I would prefer an IBM compatible FOCUSed grid program.
> Does such a program exist? If so, how would I go about purchasing it?
> Any help will be sincerely appreciated.
> Ketrin Saud