Social Constructionism

Robin Hill (bsrah@TWP.AC.NZ)
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 14:30:52 +1200

I am about three-quarters of the way through Vivien Burr's book "An
Introduction to Social Constructionism." I have two questions of my
learned colleagues on this list.

Question 1.
Are Personal Construct Psychology and Social Constructionism
incompatible points of view? I find myself beginning to place a foot
in each camp. I see some specific areas of incompatibility but a
number of areas of congruence. In your opinion(s) can a person
comfortably subscribe to both PCP and Social Constructionism

Question 2.
I run a Stage 3 degree course on Organisational Behaviour. There are
numerous available textbooks, all portraying discourses that I don't
feel particularly endeared to. Does anyone know of a textbook
suitable for Stage 3 degree level Organisational Behaviour that takes
a constructivist / constuctionist perspective (provided the two
perspectives are compatible)? We claim, here, to provide an applied
focus to our degree programme rather than strictly academic. In my
course however, a major component involves challenging mindsets, and
awareness of constructive alternativism in problem solving etc. In
other words its a course on alternative ways to think when working in
organisations rather than a course on how to do.

Anyone have any ideas??

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