Re: Social Constructionism

J. Maxwell Legg (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 15:16:47 +1200

Robin Hill wrote:

> I am about three-quarters of the way through Vivien Burr's book "An
> Introduction to Social Constructionism." I have two questions of my
> learned colleagues on this list.
> Question 1.
> Are Personal Construct Psychology and Social Constructionism
> incompatible points of view? I find myself beginning to place a foot
> in each camp. I see some specific areas of incompatibility but a
> number of areas of congruence. In your opinion(s) can a person
> comfortably subscribe to both PCP and Social Constructionism
> simultaneously?

My guess is yes. It's the necessarily simplistic assessments used in
Social Constructionism whereby the results from previous steps are not
maintained. This dendritic pruning denies the chance for a previously
pruned component to ever again attain any form of ascendancy. PCP on the
other hand has more sophisticated tools designed to evade this
statistical dragnet. Is PCP therefore the more powerful approach? For
Social Constructionism to align with constructive alternativism the
former must adopt the tools of PCP. Unfortunately these said tools would
breach the long standing regard that Social Constructionism has for
money. I can't answer for question 2.

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