Re: Social Constructionism

Robin Hill (bsrah@TWP.AC.NZ)
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 09:09:53 +1200

Thanks to those who have responded to my request about social
constructionism and PCP. Obviously I've been going through a similar
thought process as many of you, and had come to a similar conclusion.
Namely that PCP and Social Constructionism DO sit quite comfortably
together and that each has something to offer the other. I just
wanted to check that I was not missing something crucial in my
construal of social constructionism. Thanks.

Devi... I already have Stewart & Stewart, and also your chapter in
Recent Advances. The Stewart & Stewart book doesn't do what I want
for this course. I will have another look at your chapter.

About D.I.Y.??? Mmmmm... I was actually thinking about this
overnight. I was thinking that perhaps I should just write my course
the way I want it, and in time a textbook type publication might
emerge. I can't commit myself right now (I'm snowed under with
obligations as it is). If I can free myself from some of those
obligations and then set this as a single minded, focussed project,
then perhaps.... I could entertain it.

Again thanks.

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