RE: Social Constructionism

Beverly Walker (
3 Jun 1998 11:30:35 +1000

Dear Robin,
i think the issue is not whether constructs are shared or not, not whether
construing is socially determined or not. Both Rychlak (IJPCP, 1990) and I (A
psychology for adventurers, in Kalekin-fishman & Walker, The construction of
group realities) have written about bipolarity and its implications being
crucial as a differentiator. I think it allows us to do what Gergen agreed
social constructionism is weak at (from his Barcelona address), deal with

as to the issue of whether all construing is bipolar (Any thoughts on this) can
I suggest that Siobhan have a look through the IJPCP. My article in vol 1(1)
gives one sort of construing, preemptive, that isn't bipolar in any useful
sense, and there are a couple of interesting empirical papers - one by Reiman I
remember that are a couple of years later.

by the way, the theme of the Brisbane conference is on the personal/social
issue. Hope to see you there.
Beverly (Walker)