Re: Social Constructionism

Bob Parks (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 09:10:25 -0500

You said:
>On the other hand, social constructionism has pointed to a number of areas
>that PCP has to some extent neglected, principally symbolic systems such
>as language, and the way construing is conditioned by them.

Do you know of any attempt to understand language as a socially conditioned
variable in PCP analyses? This has been an important conceptual difficulty
for me in implementing a PCP analysis. Its never clear whether (or to what
extent) PCP methodology leads to a socially conditioned defnition of a
term, or an individual's own experientially rooted conceptualization. If we
could use a socio-grid analysis to first clarify the shared dimensions of
the terms being investigated, and then proceed to unravel a person's unique
experiential associations, the methodology would move an important step
toward integration. I'd be delighted if someone has taken up this direction
of analysis. But if not, can someone take this reasoning a step further?
Bob Parks