Re: Re: Social Constructionism
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 15:22:54 EDT

Malcom Cross, in a response to another individual, mentioned the concept of
"constructed meaning". I am a new list subscriber and know close to nothing
about either PCP or Social constructivism, but have found myself intrigued.
Could some one tell me from which camp "constructed meaning" (PCP or SC)
derives; books or articles for the beginner might be useful.
I have been doing research on female therapists who have sexually violated
boundaries with clients. In particular, I am interested in the bonds that
have been formed between the therapist and the client. Private, interpersonal
and intrapersonal meanings are created between the therapist and client. Some
clients have perspectives, and create meanings, almost exclusively brought
about between the therapist and themselves. These beliefs/meanings appear to
be constructed within the psychic-sanctum and are close to impossible to be
I'm rambling, but does anyone have any thoughts?