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Stephanie Lewis Harter (djshh@TTACS.TTU.EDU)
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I am forwarding the call for papers for a conference that may appeal to =
those on the mail list. It is a multi-disciplinary conference dealing =
with narrative, consciousness, and identity, broadly construed. More =
information can be obtained from the conference organizer, Gary Fireman, =
at Texas Tech University-g.fireman@ttu.edu =20

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Subject: Conference

February 4-6, 1999
Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX, USA
Hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences and the 32nd Annual =
Comparative Literature Symposium.
Invited Speakers include: Owen Flanagan, Lawrence Langer, Carol Shields, =
Katherine Nelson, Mark Freeman, David Rubin, Valerie Hardcastle, James =
Phelan, Sidonie Smith.
The purpose of the conference is to engender a scientific examination of =
narrative and its role in conscious experience. The primary focus will =
be on the interplay among psychological, philosophical, and literary =
approaches to examining narrative in the formation and function of =
consciousness. Following from the work of the philosopher Owen =
Flanagan, our intent is to engender a collaborative examination of =
consciousness that is sensitive to "phenomenological seeming" yet =
constrained by empirical findings in psychology and cognitive science, =
and thereby "deliver the concept from its ghostly past and provide it =
with a credible naturalistic analysis"(Flanagan, 1991, p. 364). The =
point is that personal narrative and self-representation exist as human =
experience, are central to our conception and examination of =
consciousness, and are logically compatible with the scientific method =
of investigation. The conference is open to all, though the focus will =
be on psychology, literary theory, and philosophy.
Deadline for submitting papers and for early registration is October 31. =
Papers will have a delivery time of 20 minutes. Send one-page abstracts =
for 20 minute presentation or panel proposals. Publication venues for =
selected papers (based on a critical review process): edited book of =
essays, special issue of the Journal of Constructivist Psychology, and =
special issue of the comparative literature journal Intertexts. Forms =
for submitting papers and registration information are available from =
the webpage: www.ttu.edu/~complit/litpsych.htm/. If you have trouble =
accessing the site or require further assistance , please contact, Gary =
Fireman, at "G.Fireman@ttu.edu", Texas Tech University, Department of =
Psychology, Lubbock, TX, 79409.