Re: statistical question (somewhat obscure)

Richard Bell (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 10:58:16 +1000


The answer to question is 1. providing element & construct loadings have
been scaled in the same metric (always hard to prove). However you may want
to break it up by also plotting the means (which will have almost certainly
been conditioned out in the principal compoenents) as an orthogonal axis,
which would be strictly analagous to plotting testitems by discrimination
and difficulty


>The spatial plot for a principal components/factor analysis plots component
>1 and 2 (etc). What would only one component look like:
>1. a straight line with elements and constructs arranged from highest + to
>highest - , or
>2. a straight line with elements and constructs perpendicular to the
>straight arranged from highest + to highest - ,or?