Re: Taoism and PCP

J. Maxwell Legg (
Wed, 09 Sep 1998 13:15:56 +1200

Robert Feldhaus wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm just curious if there are others on this list who have given thought
> to the correspondences between the Taoist theory of opposites and PCP? For
> example, see Tao Te Ching, chapter 2. Kelly was adamant that all
> constructs are bipolar, even if only implicitly, and this agrees with the
> Taoist philosophy. In some other ways, Kelly's views are harmonious with
> Buddhist and Taoist thought, as well.
> Anyone who is stimulated by these thoughts, please respond.

I've looked at Fen Shui (sp?) as an aid to layout and did some rep-grids on the
subject. I've also done a grid on a buddhist game of life which was like a game of
snakes and ladders where the object of the game was to reach nirvana. As well I've
done grids on astrological data. In these cases, even though the structures looked
to be highly unstable, it must be remembered that all 'placement' methods are in
fact a form of calculus that can be used for deducing an outcome for a given
situation. Likewise knucklebones, Myers Briggs and tea leaves have similar guidance
capabilities. PCP on the other hand relies on that fact that the brain implicitly
handles its own placement of elements on the construct lines and it is this actual
componentry that PCP hopes to reflect. My conclusion was that this is the reverse of
using an arbitrary placement calculus to determine a prediction.