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Kelly actually mentions having been called "a Zen Buddhist". Some
paralellisms can be traced between taoist's texts and kelly's works; the one
I wish to underscore is that both of them are aware of the samsara, the
illusion of "what is out there", and therefore both try to explore the
language as a tool for creating realities. (have you heard that tale about
Chuang Tse dreaming he was a butterfly...? Now, which side is real and which
is merely a dream?)
With this perspective, not only Kelly's work has a kind of taoist
taste -lots of constructivists thinkers can be taoists as well.
Maybe we are beginning to see the vantage points of a different tradition...

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Date: Martes, 08 de Septiembre de 1998 19:01
Subject: Taoism and PCP

>Hello all,
> I'm just curious if there are others on this list who have given thought
>to the correspondences between the Taoist theory of opposites and PCP? For
>example, see Tao Te Ching, chapter 2. Kelly was adamant that all
>constructs are bipolar, even if only implicitly, and this agrees with the
>Taoist philosophy. In some other ways, Kelly's views are harmonious with
>Buddhist and Taoist thought, as well.
> Anyone who is stimulated by these thoughts, please respond.
>Best wishes,
>Bob Feldhaus