Re: Programm for analyzing data of a grid

J. Maxwell Legg (
Sat, 12 Sep 1998 09:32:16 +1200

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I'm looking for help in finishing a rewrite of The Ingrid Thought Processor into Visual Basic. The Job is mostly done but just needs the user interface attached. I have versions operating in Quickbasic 3.0, 4.5; VBDOS; partially operating in VB3.0 and would like to finish the version for VBA for Access. You would have to be prepared to make your work available as freeware via my site at:-

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 hello,we`re students in psychogy and mathematics in bremen(germany). we´re preparing a study about "individual role concepts" from workers in their specific social context. the resolutions from this study should be publicited as "represented meanings". now we are looking for a programm for analyzing the group - data of repertory grids which is written in not compiled SYNTAX. we want to modify/adapt it on our circumstances. cananybody help us?CU Matthias Meyer
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