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Hello Matthias,

You may wish to have a look at Enquire Within.=20

This program is primarily designed to elicit constructs using the
Repertory Grid Interview and uses dendritic analysis to facilitate that.
You can determine if Enquire Within might meet you needs by visiting our
web site at <<>

Best wishes

John Mayes

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<excerpt><fontfamily><param>ElegaGarmnd BT</param><bigger>hello,

we`re students in psychogy and mathematics in bremen(germany).
we&acute;re preparing a study about "individual role concepts" from
workers in their specific social context. the resolutions from this study
should be publicited as "represented meanings". now we are looking for a
programm for analyzing the group - data of repertory grids which is
written in not compiled SYNTAX. we want to modify/adapt it on our
circumstances. cananybody help us?


</bigger></fontfamily> =20

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John Mayes