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Jonathan D. Raskin (
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 15:37:59 -0400

Hello everyone!

As Book Review Editor for the J. of Constructivist Psychology, I am
soliciting reviewers for the following books. The reviews would appear in
upcoming issues of the journal. If you are interested in reviewing any of
the books below, please let me know via e-mail. Be sure to indicate which
book(s) you'd be interested in reviewing, and I will get back to you about
the particulars. Keep in mind that only one review per book is possible,
but I will do my best in choosing reviewers who seem appropriate for each
book if there are many persons interested in reviewing the same book.
Reviews are typically 5-8 pages double-spaced in APA format. Book reviews
are considered scholarly contributions unto themselves, of course, so
authors should feel free to place their own unique scholarly stamp on any
reviews they write.

The list below is far from complete. Of course, if there are other 1997-98
books that are construct theory related that you'd like to review, please
let me know.


JON (full address at bottom of message!)
Books I'm seeking reviewrs for:

Haim Omer & Nahi Alon: Constructing Therapeutic Narratives (1997) Hardcover
- 280 pages (June 1997); Jason Aronson Inc.; ISBN: 1568218567

Lisa Tsoi Hoshmond (1998). Creativity and moral vision in psychology.
Sage. ISBN: 0-7619-0378-x

Amia Lieblich, Rivka Tuval-Mashiach, & Tamar Zilber (1998). Narrative
research. Sage. ISBN: 0-7619-1043-3

Miller, Hubble, & Duncan (1997?). Handbook of solution focused therapy.
Jossey Bass. Item # E462-PCI

Michael Hoyt (199?). Handbook of constructive therapies. Jossey Bass.
Item# F538-PCI

Peele (199?). The meaning of addiction. Jossey-Bass. Item #D614-PCI

Bayer, Betty M. & Shotter, J. (97). Reconstructing the psychological
subject. Sage

McLeod, John (98). Narrative and psychotherapy. Sage


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