Help with Kelly references

Gwyneth Daniel (
Sun, 4 Oct 1998 13:40:28 +0100 (BST)

Can anyone point me to the new page numbers in the 1991 Routledge Edition
of Kelly's two volumes that these clips refer to? I'm miles away from the
nearest copy and would be most grateful if someone could help.

This book [The Psychology of Personal Constructs] started out twenty years
ago as a handbook of clinical procedures. It was designed for the writers
students and used as a guide in the clinic of which he was the director.
At first the emphasis was upon specific ways of revealing and
understanding the clients record of personal experiences and of seeing
clearly the milieu in which he was seeking to find a place.
(Kelly 1955 p.ix).

[Personal Construct Theory] actually started with the combination of two
simple notions: first, that man might be better understood if he were
viewed in the perspective of the centuries rather than in the flicker of
passing moments; and second, that each man contemplates in his own
personal way the stream of events upon which he finds himself so swiftly
borne. Perhaps within this interplay of the durable and the ephemeral we
may discover more hopeful ways in which the individual man can restructure
his life.
(Kelly ibid, p.3)

Many thanks, in anticipation,

Gwyneth Daniel