International PCP Congress Berlin 1999

Joern Scheer (
Mon, 12 Oct 1998 23:56:05 +0200

Dear All,
the Web Site of the International PCP Congress Berlin 1999 has now been updated to
include the Call for Papers as well as Registration and Booking Information.
Address below!

The German PCP Web Site has been re-organised and is now strictly bi-lingual (German-
English). IŽm sure youŽll find lots of useful information there.
Address below!

Among the new features of the German PCP Site is a list of on-line papers available on the
Internet. I think this is an idea worth pursuing.

And last but not least - to make "personal" construct psychology a personal affair, IŽve
compiled an "Internet Photo Album". YouŽll find it here:

Have fun, and see you in Berlin!
Joern Scheer

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