PCP, Training, Total-Quality-Management

Thomas Grunau (thomas.grunau@t-online.de)
Tue, 13 Oct 98 20:57 +0100

my name is Thomas Grunau. I am a police sgt., police scientist and quality
consultant of the state police of Northrhine-Westfalia (Germany). I am interested
in PCP, training and PCP and TQM. In the last months my colleagues and I wrote a
handbook for quality Management in the police. In this handbook we used the
experiences of Parasuraman et al.. They created a gap system. For one of these
gaps, we would like to use pcp. We are looking for a kind of training to improve
the quality of policemen and policewomen.
I am interested in PCP since 1995. At that time we trained German policemen for
Mostar in Bosnia. It was very important to change their attitude towards
their job because they only could do some monitoring in Bosnia. If they would
have reacted, as they are doing in Germany, they would have had enormous
I am doing my doctorate at the university of Essen (Germany) about TQM.
Best wishes
Thomas Grunau
Im Fuhlenbrock 188b
46242 Bottrop
P.S.: Sorry, my English is quite bad.