Re: PCP & being merely cognitive

Harry Oxley (
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 18:51:45 +1000

Hi good people,
I expect other respondents sent direct. I did, indeed duly
disagreeing very strongly with any idea that that PCP is merely cognitive.
But my strong disagreement was mixed up with some odd notions of my own (as
another Business School bloke) and I didn't want to trouble the network
with those!

>On 8 Oct 98, at 10:29, DARAGH O'REILLY wrote:
>> Hi
>> I came across the statement below in the management literature, and am
>> curious to know if this is in fact accurate. Has the PCP community in
>> general re-framed Kelly's work in this way?
>> "Personal construct theory was first postulated as a theory of personality
>> (Kelly, 1955); but later adherents assign it a more limited role as a
>> theory of cognition (Fransella and Bannister, 1977)." in Reger, R, and
>> Huff, A. (1993),Strategic Groups: A Cognitive Perspective, Strategic
>> Management Journal, Vol.14, 103-124.
>Hi Daragh & PCPers!
>I'm surprised not to see any other responses to this. I'd say that
>"later adherents" which must surely include most of this list, would
>disagree with that strongly. Outside PCP I suspect there has been
>a widespread misconstruction that PCP is cognitive.
>Best wishes all!
>Chris Evans, R&D Consultant,
>Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust

Harry Oxley