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Nicely said, Juan..... I agree thoroughly. See my paper at this

Keep at it....
Jim Mancuso

juan manuel toro wrote:

> >>> "Personal construct theory was first postulated as a theory of
> personality
> >>> (Kelly, 1955); but later adherents assign it a more limited role as
> a
> >>> theory of cognition (Fransella and Bannister, 1977)." in Reger, R,
> and
> >>> Huff, A. (1993),Strategic Groups: A Cognitive Perspective, Strategic
> >>> Management Journal, Vol.14, 103-124.
> Hello everybody,
> Well I disagree with the authors about the term "a more limited role as
> a theory of cognition", but I think PCT has to be thought as a
> cognitive theory in that it subordinates all othet psychological
> processes to the construction of a structure for knowing, or make sense
> of the world. Therefore, I think PCT is as cognitve as Piaget's
> theory.
> Both of them give an epistemological answer to ontological and
> psychological questions, and that is what makes them so interesting.
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