Hinkle's Paper

Robert Wright (wright@hkusua.hku.hk)
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 12:09:43 +0800

Hi Esteban,

I have that unpublished dissertation by Hinkle (1965) which talks about
"laddering". I couldn't find it either for some time until I ask our
helpful librarians; They ordered it for me from the States (possibly from
Ohio State U). I guess if you do that, you'll get it too. If you want me
to send it to you do let me know.

School of Business
The University of Hong Kong
email a/c: wright@hkusua.hku.hk

At 17:10 18/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
> hi i've been looking for this two papers from some time now, and
>i've concluded they're unavailable. does anyone know how can i get a copy
>of them? -Kelly, G.A. (1963) Aldous: the personable computer& Messick,
>S. Eds. Computer Simulation of Personality. pp.221-229. New York: Wiley.
>-Hinkle, D. E.; (1965); The change of personal constructs form the
>viewpoint of a theory of implications; Unpublished doctoral dissertation,
>Ohio State University. Thanks in advance! Esteban Laso
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