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Mon, 19 Oct 1998 10:31:23 -0400 (EDT)

G.S. Hamilton sez:
> As part of PhD research into Tourette's syndrome, I've taped 20 TS =
> diagnosed people's free-ranging answers (30mins-60mins) as I've =
> interviewed them on a loose structure of 10 questions. Basically the =
> material centers around what they perceive as the causes, onset, =
> difficulties, treatments of their TS.
> Does the pcp community have any ideas how best I might analyse this, and =
> incorporate it into a write-up?

Well, you might start with a Repgrid of *your* constructions of these
20 cases (as "elements") with some significant others in your life as
points of comparison. A specific Tourette's submatrix could then be
derived for specific given constructs, such as "blames parent/doesn't
blame parent" or some other such things that arise in the data, and
linked with your construction of these cases from the original, larger

> I can only think that it should be transcribed, then parsed somehow. I =
> pulled a copy of AQUAD off the net, as it seemed to be a package that =
> might do the job. But before I get the head down, I though I might throw =
> this out to you folks.

If you go with the preceding suggestion, do it *before* parsing the
data. Then use your qualitative package of choice to extract some
other factors that distinguish among cases in clinically meaningful

> If anyone has any alternative pointers, I'd =
> greatly appreciate it. In fact - I'd remember you in my will !
> I'll leave you my collection of LPs (long-playing records, for those =
> more accustomed to 'albums' as the technical term), or something like =
> that.

Any Charlie Parker stuff in there? :-)

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