RE: the most useful aspects of Kelly's theory

Bob Green (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 21:43:14 +1000

Dear Luis,

Thanks for the suggestion. I have never sat down and read the Maher volume
for 'fun', usually it has been for some purpose. These papers and some of
the other one's I have come across are interesting reading. While it is
difficult to separate the theoretical from the clinical in Kelly, my present
interest is examining how I can incorporate/test some of Kelly's ideas in
practice. I have never given a lot of attention to his various cycles and
types of constructs, for example though know people who frequently refer to
these concepts.

Regarding the joke, it's not necessarily a bad one. Often I go to the end,
not so much for the sake of certainty but rather to see if the conclusions
make the effort worthwhile. Having written this I should read Kelly's final
chapter with this criteria in mind.