Introducing myself

Alexander Winogradov (
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 23:19:36 +0300

Hello All,

I am also a new member on the list. During last months I silently stood in
the corner and listened to conversations of inhabitants. I learned much
that was new and very useful. Many thanks to all of you. As a matter of
fact it was a message of George Boeree that induced me to stop lurking. Hi,
George! I visited your site three months ago - it is wonderful! I like it
and constantly advise my students to read your book and papers.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Alexander Winogradov. I am an Associate
professor of psychology at the University of Kyiv in Ukraine. I give
courses on statistics and computer science to psychology students. It was
my (future) wife who acquainted me with PCP when we were students at the
university. Since that time (more than 15 years) I use every possibility to
know more about it. When I got connected to the Internet I found at last
such a place. Thanks again!


Alexander Winogradov
Department of Sociology and Psychology
Kyiv University, Ukraine