Enquire Within

John Mayes (christopher.mayes@actrix.gen.nz)
Wed, 04 Nov 1998 19:45:04 +1300

I am sending this to let those many members of this list who have shown
interest in Enquire Within know that Dr Valerie Stewart and I have made
some major changes to packaging and pricing of Enquire Within so that it is
more accessible.

First we have dropped the price of the basic package to US$450.

Then we have repackaged the supporting tutorial material into a number of
workbooks (which we will add to) which are subject specific application
notes and hints plus worked examples.

We have also been responding to feedback about Enquire Within and will
continue to do so and develop Enquire within to the limit of our resources.

We have a dream that Repertory Grid will be a commonly used process in
business and research and that it will be used to make a difference. I have
put several years of my life into Enquire Within because I believe that
Repertory Grid can make a major difference in the effectiveness of many
business processes. We are now getting to the point where our dream is
being realised.

Details of the new structure and access to a free downloadable evaluation
version of Enquire Within are at
<http://www.EnquireWithin.co.nz/costs.htm>. List members are invited to
visit and let us know how we can better achieve our dream.

John Mayes