Practical Hints for Use of the Rep Grid Interview

John Mayes (
Sat, 07 Nov 1998 16:57:08 +1300

Dr Valerie Stewart is writing a series of practical hints for successful
Repertory Grid interviewing and these are being mounted on the Enquire
Within web site. An index to these can be seen at

The hints are derived from Dr Stewart's practical experience in using the
Rep Grid interview in the business context and on questions raised by
users of Enquire Within. Questions and suggestions are for future topics
are welcomed as is feedback.

The topics are written to apply to Rep Grid interviewing in general and
not only to the application of Enquire Within. All users of the Repertory
Grid interviewing technique are invited to participate.

The first subject covered is `<italic>Hints on choosing
Elements'</italic>. The second, appearing in about a week's time will be
<italic>`Repertory Grid as a Conversation'</italic>.


John Mayes