Help for my mother

Alessandra Mileo (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 9:17:41 MET

Good morning from Italy.
I'm writing in order to find some helpful information about stress and its
consequences in human relationships.
I suspect my mother is persecuted by particular thoughts, owing to her great
stress, but perhaps there are other kinds of causes.
She's always unsatisfied about herself, always depressed, and she seems to
find all possible reasons to be unhappy.
All her sacrifices for house and family's needs seem to come from her wanting
to consider herself as a victim, rather than from a 'sense of her dues'.
This may compell our to feel guilty for everything.
My sister is 13 and my brother 11, and they can't help us in anyway, but they
may be influenced by this atmosphere.
My father is rude 'since he was born', and even if he's trying to get better,
this isn't enought to solve the problem.
What can i do?
If anyone has documents or advice to give, i'll be thankful.

Thaks again everybody.