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Mon, 23 Nov 1998 10:46:08 -0500

George Boeree wrote:

> Hi, all!
> "Troublesome deviant construers," while it saves us from the medical model,
> puts us right into a sociological/statistical one, without even saving us from
> forcing our own constructions (read: value judgements) on others'
> constructions. "Troublesome deviants" is as nasty an epithet as schizophrenia
> ever was!
> I vote for sticking as closely to symptoms and revealed constructs as possible.
> George Boeree
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George, et al:
I deduce that we now need to include a section of the term to try to clarify
"troublesome to whom." Perhaps we should use the term "deviant construers who are
troublesome to a couple of significant persons."
I think that that term would at least honestly admit our goals. We are trying
to find ways to eliminate [I use the term advisedly] those people who, for some
reason, insist on maintaining constructions that are troublesome to some significant

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