Re: Schizophrenia

Esteban Laso (
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 01:10:40 -0500


Resuming the original discussion, why don't use a word like "methanoia"?
(Maybe I'm misspelling it). It was the original proposal of the English
antipsychiatry movement. (I don't know if it was Thomas Szasz' or R. D.
Laing's idea). It focuses on the process aspect of the "schizophrenic"
events, therefore placing the weird symptoms in a time perspective. (This is
somewhat parallell to what Salvador Minuchin calls "bringing the symptom
back to normal").
But then again, methanoia was given a try -and it failed. It has its
advantages: is a single word, with a shareable construction, and it's not
easily turned into a stigma.
Unfortunatelly, it's not the preemptive "diagnosis" the medical model (and
their insurance counterparts) seem to enjoy...
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Esteban Laso
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