Re: Hello! 20 years later .....

Devi Jankowicz (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 00:27:13 +0000

Barry Cooper writes:


>What I would find particularly helpful right now would be if there were
>'hands on' entry level training courses available in the UK that are
>designed to provide opportunities for 'kick-starting' novitiates like me
>into the basic uses of grids - either pen and paper or computer software
>packages. If there are no training courses then a distance learning
>package that aims to provides the same outcome would be the next best thing.
>Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I can think of two sources of training, depending on your access
possibilities. The Occupational Division of the British Psychological
Society runs a series of 1-day continuing professional development
courses. One of these is a course on repertory grid technique, which I
teach, and which is due to be repeated sometime in the spring.

Karen Hanson is the person who organises the whole programme, and she's
contactable at:

Secondly, Fay Fransella offers a variety of training and support
opportunities. All my documentation on this is at work, and here I am at
home at the moment. But if you have a more counselling/guidance/clinical
bent to your interest, then please contact me on e-mail at work, and I'll look up the relevant details for you: _much_
more relevant to such applications than anything that I, with my
occupational orientation, could offer; and Fay's servcies extedn to the
occupational field of application too, BTW.

Kind regards,